Tiskillä Q&A - Daniel Hynes

Written by
Mika Koivula

Tiskillä Q&A - Daniel Hynes

Written by
Mika Koivula

Tiskillä Q&A - Daniel Hynes

Written by
Mika Koivula

Tiskillä Q&A - Daniel Hynes

Q. Kuka olet? Missä asut ja mistä kotoisin?

A: My name is Daniel Ronan Hynes (né O’Shea), I am currently living in Helsinki and I come from a mixed Irish & English background.

Q: Kerro Itsestäsi lyhyesti?

A: I am 28 years old, the oldest of 8 children with a Father from Ireland and a Mother from England. I am a former bartender who has now spent the last 3 years working as a Brand Ambassador. In my spare time I enjoy reading, politics and spending as much time as possible reflecting on who I am, who I was and what kind of person I wish to be. I find real peace in that.

Q: Kuinka kauan olet ollut alalla ja missä työskentelet tällä hetkellä?

A: I have been working in the industry for 8 years and currently work as a Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Finland covering Irish whiskey and a few scotches.

Q. Mitkä ovet olleet tärkeimmät työpaikkasi tai käännekohdat urallasi? Miksi ja milloin?

A:   Well, naturally being given the opportunity to work at a company such as Pernod Ricard was life changing for me as it not only gave me the opportunity to develop new skills but also to challenge myself professionally in an exciting way. Secondly would have been the time that I was at a crossroads in my career and had to choose between becoming a shift manager at a now closed nightclub or a barback in A21. I was told at the time by a good friend that A21 is a venue that you will not only learn something new every day but also open up multiple doors professionally if I applied myself. He could not have been more accurate (thanks again Mauricio!).

Q: Miten päädyit alalle? Onko sinulla alan koulutusta?

A: I ended up in this field by chance! I was moving to Finland and needed to find a way to pay my way but ended up becoming completely infatuated with the industry. A quote I always hold dear is ‘You don’t find the bar industry; the bar industry finds you.’

Q: Mikä tai minkälainen on lempibaarisi illanviettoon? Entä työntekoon? Miksi?

A: My favourite bar to work in will always be A21 Decades after we reopened with the new concept. Those evenings were some of the most challenging and rewarding of my career. My favourite bar to go to would most likely be Black Door! I could spend days sampling exotic whiskies, talking to the bar staff about craft beer trends or simply enjoying the comfortable atmosphere.  

Q: Mikä on lempi cocktailisi juoda/tehdä? Tai mistä tykkäät juuri tällä hetkellä, joku tietty raaka-aine, tekotapa?

A: My go to cocktail has always been the Corpse Reviver #2! There is just something about that beautiful harmony of sweet, citrus and a teasing of anise that keeps me going back to it. My favourite to make was Pina Colada! The creative possibilities of that drink always excited me.

Q: Kuka/Ketkä on ollut urasi aikana mentori sinulle, miten ja miksi?

A: I have had two main mentors during my career in this industry. The maestro himself, Timo Siitonen during my years at A21 not only give me the technical skills to succeed at a high level within the bar industry but also taught me a lot about personal motivation applying yourself to you achieve your goals. Secondly, Michael Belfrage not only saw potential in me to move into Brand Ambassadorship but also consistently give me structure and creative freedom to allow myself to grow professionally.

Q: Mitä haluaisit saavuttaa urallasi?

A: This is a hard one to answer to be honest because after years of just focusing on my career, I have come to a realisation that I want my career to be in harmony with my personal life. Having that kind of balance in your life can only lead you to great things.

Q: Mihin suuntaan uskot ravintola-alan menevän? Minkä uskot olevan tulevaisuudessa trendikästä?`

A: The path of sustainability, social responsibility and the promotion of mental and physical wellbeing amongst the bar community is truly a wonderful thing. I only hope to see that grow from strength to strength. I hope the previously mentioned aspects become trendy in bars across the spectrum. From Kuopio to Kalkutta!

Q: Mitä pidät tärkeinä piirteinä ravintola-alalla pärjäämiselle?

A: A quick mind, a thick skin and one hell of a customer service smile! The ability to think on your feet, being creative in your problem solving, to be able to take a step back and assess any given situation and all while maintaining a warm, welcoming and relaxed appearance.

Q: Jos voisit nyt antaa vinkkejä sille itsellesi, joka vasta aloitteli ravintola-alalla, mitä vinkkejä antaisit?

A: Enjoy the highs of working in the industry in moderation and understand that it is ok to feel low too. Especially when you don’t do as well in cocktail competitions as you hoped! I was always bad with that…

Q: Mikä on paras muistosi ravintola-alalta?

A: I have so many, but my favourite is a rather odd one. I worked in Glöd years ago and one night we had a private party that involved me having to make 100 mojitos at the same time which ended up nearly snapping the tendon at my elbow. I learnt an important lesson about taking care of yourself physically after that.

Q: Mistä olet kiitollinen ravintola-alalle?

A: For giving me an opportunity to learn and grow emotionally as a person. To have spent so many years behind the bar counter, meeting new faces, greeting old ones and develop lasting friendships with colleagues. The ability to communicate with people is a real gift and one that we may not realise we developed every day at work.

Q: Mistä olet saanut nauttia, kun olet ollut osana ravintola-alaa?

A: The rush and intensity of a full house! That feeling of being in the trenches with your colleagues and not only getting through the madness but doing it as best you can and with a smile on your face. The adrenaline of nailing a service is something I think you struggle to find in any other profession.